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Lannon Stone Realty, LLC is a Wisconsin-based company. It was designed to allow real estate agents the opportunity to earn and keep 100% of their commission. With decades of real estate and sales experience, our goal is to provide every agent with all they need to maximize their income and control their life.
The future of real estate brokerages is here now, for you!

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What  a few of our agents state about us!


I have been with Lannon Stone Realty for just a few months but the change has been dramatic! The best part is of course the commission, on my first transaction I made 6,000 more than I would have at my previous company! Lannon Stone gives you the freedom to run your business your way, with as little or as much support or training as you may need. Bob is always there to help when you need it. I would highly recommend Lannon Stone to anyone serious about being successful in real estate.

LInda Rodriguez 4/21


Bob at LSR is a fantastic businessman, mentor, teacher & friend. Great company! I walked OUT OF THE CLOSING with a check with MY name on it! $150 a deal. Lannon Stone Realty is the Bomb!!!

Dennis Alsteen 12/2021


I’d say: I LOVE keeping what I work so hard to earn! I love that all my clients value ME not the name-brand bologna that some companies try to make us believe. I love that Lannon Stone Realty LLC values me as well! It’s a great place to have my business!

Heather Reliford 3/2021


I joined Lannon Stone Realty after realizing that the big box brokerage was not for me. I have been with RE/MAX and Keller Williams and have been a top producer in all the firms that I have worked with. I am at a phase of my career where I value having a more independent brokerage where I can control 100% of my business and not pay high brokerage fees. Bob Foreman is a great mentor and is readily available for your questions, whether it is during a transaction or brainstorming business building ideas. He genuinely wants his agents to succeed and will be there to help you reach your goals. Trust me, you will not be disappointed and the "switching process" was super fast and easy and I did not skip a beat during a busy spring market. Joining Lannon Stone Realty was the perfect fit for me and highly recommended it to any REALTOR® who is looking for a change and the ability to keep more of their hard earned commission.

Karen Block 4/2021


I decided to make the switch to Lannon Stone in February and I haven't looked back since! Leading up to the decision I was frustrated that I was giving up so much of my commission and, in my opinion, not getting the guidance and help equal to what I was giving up! Bob has been very supportive and encouraging since day one and he's provided an atmosphere where I have thrived and felt freedom to build my business in the way that I want. Lannon Stone is a great brokerage that every agent should seriously consider joining, especially if your current brokerage isn't giving you what you are looking for!

Joshua Peterson 4/2021

Do Something Great

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our agents everything they need to build and market themselves not their brokerage. We also pay our agents 100% of their commission. Lannon Stone Realty only charges $150.00 per closed transaction. Contact Bob Forman Broker to find out why we are the future of real estate agents that want to maximize their income and potential. We're consistently adding new agents and you should take the time to find out why! Get in now and lock in your fees before they go up

        TopTen Reasons to Join Lannon Stone Realty

1) Keep 100% of your commission.
2) Control your own destiny.
3) Market your own domain and build your own brand.
4) No mandatory meetings.
5) Continuous training available.
6) Professional website only **$25.00** per mo. for a limited time.
7) CRM included with website.
8) Errors & Omissions insurance included.
9) Full broker support.
10) Free Paperless Pipeline document upload system.
11) Optional, Listings To Leads Marketing

Contact Broker Bob Forman 262-333-4440. or scroll down for our contact page.
Your future is waiting for you!

How Much Does Is It Really Costing You Not Joining Lannon Stone Realty? Average Closed Listing Side Transaction of $280,000 X 3.6% =$10,080.00.
Average Brokerage Override 30% or $3024.00,
Agents Average Payout = $7056.00.
If You Close 10 Transactional Sides Per Year, You've Reduced Income By $30,240.00! Close Those Same 10 Sides With LSR And Your Income Would've Been $100,800.
Give Yourself Up To A 50% Raise Now!

Contact Broker Bob Forman 262-333-4440! Scroll down for our contact page!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does LSR charge per month?

Our monthly fee is $60.00.

How does E & O coverage work?

All of our transactions are covered with Errors & Omissions insurance.
Our agents do NOT pay any additional fees for this coverage.

Is LSR a discount or limited service broker?

Absolutely not! Although our agents have the ability to control their fees with their sellers and buyers, I expect that every client/customer receive the maximum effort from our agents & firm. It is extremely important to me personally that our image is never tarnished.
I will not accept less that the best from anyone who is an associate of our firm.

How much do I pay for each closed transaction?

Our agents truly are paid 100% of their earned commissions. We deduct only a $150.00 fee per transactional side. The one exception to this is if two agents/firms our splitting one side of a transaction. In that situation the fee is $180.00

How much does it cost to join Lannon Stone Realty?

Our current fee is $529.00 including WI license transfer fee.

How do we turn in our paperwork/files?

We are a paperless company! All documents for each & every transaction are uploaded or emailed to paperlesspipeline.com Once they are received, they are reviewed for accuracy & complaince.

How is my monthly association fee paid ?

Your association fee is charged to you by LSR each month and paid on your behalf by us.

Do you offer a real estate website ?

Our agents have the option to have a  personal website, the cost for that is $25.00 per month at this time. It includes CRM and blogging. You may check out our main site at www.lannonstonerealty.com.

Do you offer training?

We hold fairly regular OPTIONAL training, typically to help our agents get more sellers and buyers. We want our agents to be their best and will do what we can to provide them with as much knowledge as possible.

May I speak with the broker if I need help on a transaction?

I personally make myself available seven days a week for my agents. If you need help or assistance overcoming an objection, let's talk it out together.

Does LSR have an office?

Although Lannon Stone is a virtual company w/o a physical office, we do have the use of Stewart Titles office as well as our partner lender's officeat  Preferred Rate Mortgage.

How do I get paid at the closing table?

With cooperating closing agents, you'll receive your commission check minus $150.00 for LSR. Most of our agents are paid at closing.

Is there an executed agreement between agent & firm?

Everything we offer is clearly defined in our Independent Contractor Agreement. Our contract is month to month. We are confidant that you will love being part of our firm. Feel free to speak with any of our agents.

Want to know more?

Contact Bob Forman Brokr/Owner 262-333-4440 or [email protected] or scroll down for contact page.

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